The coming XR revolution

Posted by Mike Walsh

Jul 9, 2020 6:50:36 AM

Raffaella Camera


Our experience of reality is about to change. XR, which incorporates augmented and virtual reality, has shifted from a niche technology to consumer prime time. Now is the time for action. What will it take to design compelling experiences, form new commercial partnerships and nurture digital ecosystems to unlock the potential of this new medium? XR will change everything from the way we build digital retail stores to how a meeting planner might envision the space for a live event. My guest, Raffaella Camera, is working closely with a number of global brands and organizations to bring some of these ideas to life. A trained concert pianist and award-winning content creator, Raffaella Camera is the Global Head of Innovation & Strategy at the Accenture Extended Reality (XR) practice.



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Sleight of hand, showmanship and the secret books of magic

Posted by Mike Walsh

Apr 10, 2016 12:00:00 AM



An Australian Entrepreneur of the Year and magician, Vinh Giang is a renown stage performer and also the brains behind the online learning platform, Encyclopedia of Magic. Coming from the humble beginnings of a Vietnamese refugee family saved by a boat captain off the coast of Australia, Vinh has since re-invented himself as a master magician and global business coach. We caught up in Cancun, Mexico where I asked him all my burning questions about the history of magic, and what business leaders might learn from the secret arts of stage illusion.


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