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A Quick Guide


Mike Walsh regularly reviews his speaking topics based on his latest research and requests from clients, readers, and agents. 


The AI-Powered Organization: explores why now is the time for radical reinvention. ChatGPT and the rise of generative AI platforms are just the beginning of a much bigger algorithmic revolution that is set to reshape the future of work itself.

New Rules For A New World: a fast-paced keynote organized around a series of provocative rules and tangible takeaways for the post-pandemic world. This talk is perfect for leaders and professionals who want to understand and take action in this newly accelerated, AI-powered environment.

What Leaders Need To Know About The Metaverse: a pragmatic exploration of what lies ahead in the world of the enterprise metaverse, when sensors, XR devices, blockchain and digital twins transform how organizations get things done. 

The Algorithmic Leader: for fans of Mike's most recent bestselling book, this keynote explores the key themes, case studies, and takeaways behind his vision for tomorrow's leaders, the AI-powered organizations they will build, and the cognitive tools they will need to do so.

The Future Favors The Bold: an inspiring deep dive into the mindset, habits and practices of innovative leadership teams. Ideal for sales teams and advisors, this session explores what it takes to push transformation forward, even in periods of great uncertainty and rapid change.

The Rise Of Generation AI: forget Millennials; it is their kids you need to worry about. This fun and thought-provoking session is ideal for organizations who want to explore the demographics and mindsets of the generation of customers and how they will shape the future of marketing, content, and experience design.

Designing Your Business For The 21st Century: ideally suited as a workshop format, this highly interactive and personalized session is based around Mike's AI transformation drivers and provides a framework for leadership teams to plan their journey of digital reinvention.


If there is something more specific that you have in mind, Mike will be happy to work you in an advisory role. With two decades of experience providing research and strategic consulting services to the global Fortune 500, Mike Walsh can partner with you directly on an entirely custom topic of your choice.




Mike Walsh can customize any speaking topic and tailor his research for your specific audience. Contact us to tell us more about your next event and how Mike Walsh can help.

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