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AI and the future of gaming

Posted by Mike Walsh

Aug 6, 2020 6:42:49 AM

Nick Walton


My earliest memory of using a computer was in the early eighties, playing text adventures like Zork or The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on an Apple II computer. Those early games had no graphics, limited commands and often infuriating bugs - and yet they provided a tantalizing glimpse of the power of computers to create an immersive world (even with just text!) Thirty years later, it seems appropriate that one of the first examples of an AI-powered game is once again a text adventure. In this week’s podcast, I talk with Nick Walton, who created AI Dungeon, an AI-generated game that utilizes GPT-3, a text transformer engine built by OpenAI.

Nick is CTO and Co-Founder at Latitude. He has been working on deep learning technology for the last several years, working at autonomous vehicle companies and in a deep learning research lab at Brigham Young University. As I’ve written about previously, we are just at the beginning of a new era of more natural, intuitive computer interfaces powered by AI. With 175 billion parameters, and trained at a cost of over $12 million, OpenAI’s GPT-3 is the most powerful language model ever. What makes AI Dungeon so interesting and relevant to the near future, is that it demonstrates the radical creativity that is possible when you combine a good idea with the heavy lifting of a Cloud AI system that can be generally applied to multiple use cases.



In this episode, you will learn

  1. An introduction to AI Dungeon, how it works and how it began (3.40)
  2. Text transformers explained, and why GPT-3 is a game-changer (7:00)
  3. Symbolic AI, knowledge and mental models (12:00)
  4. How AI will shape the future of games (14:08)
  5. The infrastructure and engineering challenges of running massive AI models in the Cloud (22:17)





How to design a culture of transformation

Posted by Mike Walsh

Jul 30, 2020 7:58:41 AM

Adam Fraser


Workplace transformation has never been more important than now, in this time of crisis. So what does it take to build and sustain a culture that is not only innovative and creative, but capable handling constant reinvention? Is the fact that it is difficult and uncomfortable, the very reason we should do it anyway? Dr Adam Fraser is a human performance researcher and consultant who studies how organizations adopt a high performance culture to thrive in this challenging and evolving business landscape. He is the author of Strive: Embracing the gift of struggle and The Third Space: Using Life's Little Transitions to find Balance and Happiness.



CATEGORY: Leadership, HR

XR, the future of experiences and a world without screens

Posted by Mike Walsh

Jul 24, 2020 1:08:44 AM

Austin Grossman


Austin Grossman is one of my favorite authors. His books (including my personal recommendation, ‘Crooked’) typically reveal an alternate version of the reality you thought you were living in. Given that, his side gig as a design consultant to the video games and mixed reality industry makes total sense. Most recently, he also served as Director of Interactive Design at Magic Leap. We spoke about the emergence of XR (or extended reality), and the challenges of creating content and telling stories in multiple dimensions. According to Grossman, at Magic Leap, they often spoke of preparing for a future world ‘without screens’. So, just how far are we from that world of augmented experiences, and what will it mean for brands and storytellers when we get there?



How to run a remote company

Posted by Mike Walsh

Jul 16, 2020 6:08:40 AM

Wade Foster


While for many of us ‘working from home’ has been a new and unexpected challenge, for some companies, remote is how they were designed from the beginning. Zapier, a leading software automation platform, is one such of these. However, what makes Zapier a fascinating case study is not just their lack of physical offices, but the systems, workflows and practices that they have evolved to make their distributed organization function effectively. In this interview, I chat with Zapier’s CEO and co-founder, Wade Foster. Prior to Zapier, Wade worked as a customer development lead for The Idea Works, Inc. in Missouri. He is an alumni of Y Combinator and has degrees in industrial engineering and business administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia.



CATEGORY: Culture, Technology

The coming XR revolution

Posted by Mike Walsh

Jul 9, 2020 6:50:36 AM

Raffaella Camera


Our experience of reality is about to change. XR, which incorporates augmented and virtual reality, has shifted from a niche technology to consumer prime time. Now is the time for action. What will it take to design compelling experiences, form new commercial partnerships and nurture digital ecosystems to unlock the potential of this new medium? XR will change everything from the way we build digital retail stores to how a meeting planner might envision the space for a live event. My guest, Raffaella Camera, is working closely with a number of global brands and organizations to bring some of these ideas to life. A trained concert pianist and award-winning content creator, Raffaella Camera is the Global Head of Innovation & Strategy at the Accenture Extended Reality (XR) practice.



CATEGORY: Consulting, Meetings & Events