Harnessing Technology to Reimagine What You Do

Posted by Tomorrow Team

Dec 31, 2020 4:03:17 AM



How is your organization thinking about AI and automation? Many companies leverage these technologies simply as a way to simply cut costs, or worse—cut jobs. The real opportunity, however, is harness technology as a means to completely reimagine what you do. In this exclusive Harvard Business Review webinar, Mike Walsh, CEO of Tomorrow, discusses the future of AI-powered organizations, and what pragmatic steps leaders can take today to reposition for exponential growth.

According to Mike Walsh, author the recent HBR article, AI Should Change What You Do – Not Just How You Do It, all too often digital transformation is merely digital incrementalism. Walsh believes that AI and machine intelligence provide the ability to fundamentally reimagine the customer experience, reinvent how organizations work, and rethink how to solve problems more effectively.


Walsh argues that we are just at the beginning of a new era of AI-powered competition, and the playbooks for organizations and leaders are far from clear. One thing is sure: the successful firms of the future will be those that can leverage data, algorithms, and human talent to both sidestep industry boundaries and creatively meet customer needs. For leaders of more established firms, this is no time for timid moves.

In this HBR webinar, Walsh shares insights into how AI should change what your company does, not just how you do it. He describes how leading companies are leveraging AI and automation to:

- Transform the customer experience
- Launch profitable, scalable new businesses
- Change what people and organizations do
- Enable humans to work differently and add more value
- Develop entirely new capabilities
- Better position the company for the future


Walsh believes that we can expect a widening gap between customer-centric organizations with a deep commitment to evolving their technology platform and those whose blind pursuit of operating efficiency leaves them defenseless against a more uncertain future. As he articulates in his presentation - in the end, our best chance at reinvention is to answer a deceptively simple question: What is possible now in an age of smart machines that was not even conceivable before?


Listen to the webinar now. 


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