Now Is The Time For Making Bolder Bets

Posted by Tomorrow Team ON Dec 27, 2020 10:05:23 PM



Mike Walsh is one of the world’s leading futurists, and author of the bestselling book, The Algorithmic Leader: How to be smart when machines are smarter than you. He believes that leaders urgently need to upgrade their capabilities and mindsets if they want to remain relevant in this new age of AI.

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Futurist Mike Walsh Urges Creative Thinking For The ‘Algorithmic Age

Posted by Tomorrow Team ON Apr 1, 2019 7:00:00 AM



Artificial intelligence , machine learning , blockchain, electric cars. If, at some point, you related these topics to companies of the future, know that you may be mistaken. At least, that's the opinion of Mike Walsh , futurist, writer and CEO of consultancy Tomorrow . In his view, companies of the future will still depend on people.

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We Are Not Prepared For What Is Coming

Posted by Tomorrow Team ON May 20, 2018 5:52:00 AM



Australian Mike Walsh, CEO of consulting firm Tomorrow, is a renowned futurist in the international business world, focused on emerging technology and disruptive consumer behaviour. Dinero interviewed him exclusively to find out what will be the future of business in the world:

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Preparing The Next Generation For The Algorithmic Age

Posted by Tomorrow Team ON May 2, 2018 8:43:00 AM

Core Education


What does the future mean to the education industry? Futurists tend to get a bad wrap because they often make technological predictions. Mike Walsh argues that successfully predicting the future is more about paying attention to people, not the technology in their lives.

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Interview With A Futurist

Posted by Tomorrow Team ON Sep 20, 2017 6:04:00 AM

GDA Podcast


Mike Walsh is the CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing companies for the 21st century. He advises leaders on how to thrive in the current era of disruptive technological change.

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Emerging Tech And Disruptive Shifts In Human Behavior

Posted by Tomorrow Team ON Jan 27, 2017 12:00:00 AM


Futurist and CEO of Tomorrow Mike Walsh talks to Astro AWANI's Cynthia Ng on disruptive shifts in tech and human behaviour and how one can stay ahead of the curve.

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