What Is The Future Of Marketing?

Posted by Tomorrow Team ON May 20, 2014 7:57:00 AM

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What does the idea of Futuretainment mean?

The idea behind Futuretainment is simple. The future of marketing requires brands to think like media companies, and media companies to think like great brands. The reason for that is that in an age when you rely on your audience for the distribution of your ideas, content, and marketing messages - only by investing in great content will you be able to achieve the impact and distribution you hope for, but can no longer easily buy.

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Latin America's Digital Future

Posted by Mike Walsh ON Mar 1, 2010 6:12:00 AM

Latin AmericaManagement Today, part of the HSM group produced this profile on futurist Mike Walsh on his views on the future of consumers, marketing and business. With insights from his best selling book Futuretainment, Mike discusses the unique opportunities for digital focused companies and entrepreneurs with a special focus on the Latin American region. This popular episode, subtitled in Spanish has been on high rotation on broadcast networks in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and in other markets across Latin America.

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