The Key Trends For 2020 And Beyond

Posted by Tomorrow Team ON Jan 14, 2020 12:57:00 AM

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Futurist Mike Walsh is an extremely busy man. The veteran futurist of 13-years and founder of Tomorrow, a research and consulting firm, is constantly on the move, travelling almost 300 days in a year. The Peak managed to catch up with Walsh despite his busy schedule on the sidelines of the Maxis Business Sparx Summit 2019 at Menara Maxis. We asked him what were the notable trends in technology that are currently shaping the world of business today.

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Changing the mindset

Posted by Tomorrow Team ON Aug 5, 2017 8:37:00 PM



At a time when technological developments and disruptions are rapidly changing the world of work, many experts are saying that in order to meet the challenges of the coming New Work Order, what we need to do is, perhaps, to give up on jobs.

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