Mr Porter Style Guide

Posted by Mike Walsh

Jul 11, 2012 9:26:00 AM

mrporterFashion retailer Mr Porter recently profiled Mike Walsh in a style feature, in which six influential men from different fields share what essentials they keep in their desk drawer. Although not feeling entirely sure what he was doing in that list to start with, given the inherent stylishness and influence of the other five men in the group - you can read on nonetheless to discover a selection of Mike's favourite things...Insidedrawer

Montblanc Traveller Fountain Pen
When I work, I type. But when I think - I still need to write. And if you are mad enough to travel with a fountain pen, best make it a model that takes cartridges. Preferably, royal blue.

Moleskine Notebook (Unlined)
I love my Moleskine notebooks. I have hundreds of them - identical, matte black and date numbered with old school, DYMO punch labels.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones 
Perfect sound, luxe design, and an elegantly designed middle finger to the growing armada of hip hop inspired ear cans. 

IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar
There is something mesmerising about the complexity of a perpetual calendar. So much of our personal technology is disposable, but wearing a great mechanical watch reminds you of devices designed to run for hundreds of years.

Silver Bottega Veneta Money Clip
Cash is dirty, dangerous and undeniably essential - even in an age of plastic cards and virtual credits. I travel with a disturbing number of resealable plastic bags of world currencies, along with a well worn silver money clip to store my filthily lucre.

Symthson alligator passport holder
One day they will stop stamping passports, and something of the romance of travel will fade away. For now, I keep my old passports in their leather holders as a reminder of the places I've been and the cranky custom officials that raised their eyebrows at all the exotic stamps in the pages.

Mercedes 230SL Vintage Car Keys
I have a beautiful, old, midnight blue, 1964 Mercedes convertible locked up by the beach in Australia. I'm never there these days, but I look at my car keys wistfully ever now and then.

Turnbull & Asser Sterling Silver Collar Stays
My father wore Turnbull & Asser shirts and I remember stealing them as a teenager on my first job selling CDs in a department store. The manager nearly fired me for having better shirts than him. Like my Dad, I gave up on cuff links long ago and wear three button barrel cuffs. But I persist with the personal theatre of using silver collar stays.

Leica M6 Camera with Elmarit 28mm lens
People always ask what is a futurist doing shooting a 35mm film camera - but I guess although my life is digital, my heart is still firmly analogue. Film is portable, beautiful, and never runs out of batteries or memory space. Just like Instagram - just not instant.

Billingham Canvas Camera Bag
Man bags are an aesthetic horror, but my beaten up, canvas camera bag hopefully still has enough safari masculinity to hold a day's adventure essentials. 

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