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Posted by Mike Walsh

Jan 6, 2011 9:58:00 AM

Star Turkey

In the interview with Aphan Manas and Ufuk Tarhan we have a surprise and we meet with Mike Walsh who is considered as world's one of the most important futurists. Walsh is an expert regarded all around the world. The work he is doing is defined as 'digital anthropology'. He lives in Hong Kong. He examines consumer behavior and the digital world. Travelling all around the world, he gives speeches about digital future.

Walsh gives consultancy to companies such as BBC Worldwide, Televisa, Star TV, ABC, Fujifilm, Foxtel and MSN and he says that social media will have an explosion in the next 10 years. Besides, he foresees that shopping will be done with the groups that are created in social media and the social media will take a shape that will meet all the requirements. 

We ask Mike, why is the source of digital trend is always Far East. He responds as: “This situation can be related with culture, technology and growing(development) reasons. Maybe Japan’s life areas are narrow. (living area’s are limited.) In a narrow area, in a metro you can not read a newspaper but with a very small digital device you can be able to communicate with the world.”

Walsh describes one of the interesting development that we are going to live in the next periods as; Banks will not have ATM branchs in the future. In other words, money will not see any ATM face in no way. Not only ATMs, noone will be able to see money and all the physical processes will be mobile.

This article appear in Turkish Newspaper, 'Star'.

Star Turkey

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