The Future Workplace

Posted by Mike Walsh ON 7/13/21 12:44 PM



Should we stay, or should we go? The post-pandemic return to work is fast becoming a controversial and complex issue for leaders to navigate. Everyone has an opinion on the subject. Some are desperate to escape months of Zoom fatigue, while others see little point in commuting for an hour to sit in front of another screen. If that seems like a tough choice, it is because it is a false one. The real issue is not remote vs. office work - it is how do we reinvent the workplace for a new era of AI-powered competition?


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What leaders need to know about automation

Posted by Mike Walsh ON 6/12/21 6:50 AM

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Automation is a controversial topic - many leaders are enthusiastic about the potential to cut costs and increase efficiency, while others fear for their jobs and the impact on company culture. Both perspectives are flawed. It is dangerous to reduce the automation debate to simplistic cliches, whether it be defending outdated human jobs or wishing for an AI-powered utopia where all our needs are met. Automation, AI, and algorithms are here to stay. The real question is: how do we make sure the future of work fits the world we want to live in?

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Here Be Dragons: the future of maps in the AI age

Posted by Mike Walsh ON 9/30/20 5:54 AM

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Maps have always been more than just guides to where things are. They are a mirror to ourselves: our values, perspectives, and ambitions. As we change, so do they. In this new world of smart cities, self-driving cars, and autonomous drones - maps are becoming living ecosystems shaped by machine intelligence and realtime data. And as we prepare for the imminent arrival of augmented reality devices and experiences, they will become more important than ever.

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Data is not a weapon; it is a worldview

Posted by Mike Walsh ON 8/3/20 12:38 AM



The latest round of antitrust hearings has been a high drama distraction from the pandemic. But while parading the CEOs of Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon before Congress provided ample opportunities for both sides of politics to score points in an election year - it also highlighted just how different competition has become in the 21st century. Obvious questions were asked about personal data, political bias, and predatory pricing - but more interesting were those brief glimpses of how the leaders of the world's biggest tech companies really think. If the antitrust hearings proved one thing, it is that the right data can allow you to reframe the rules of marketplaces, precisely target acquisitions, and make oblique strategic moves. And therein lies the problem: just how exactly do you regulate a different way of thinking?

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