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3 Lessons from Japan’s digital spring

Posted by Mike Walsh

4/5/18 12:50 PM



I was fortunate enough to find myself in Japan in late March, just in time for the iconic sakura, or cherry blossom, season. Pink clouds of flowers transformed the streets of Tokyo, all the more beautiful for their transience; the blooms often last for merely a week before they fall like pastel snow. As a guest of Mina Sekiguchi and KPMG’s energy advisory team, I had the chance to reflect on another kind of transformation that has become a priority for many Japanese leaders: how do you reinvent traditional organizations for the algorithmic age?

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CATEGORY: Global, Energy

We are all software companies now

Posted by Mike Walsh

6/20/17 10:42 AM



'What do you mean we need to be a software company?' asked Lukas Braunschweiler, CEO of Sonova, one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-tech hearing devices. I had just finished giving a talk to their senior leadership team at the gorgeous lakeside town of Stäfa, near Zurich. 'We already have lots of software engineers. Are you saying that we need more?' It was a fair question, and one I had spent much of the prior week thinking about, in a few unusual places. How many software engineers do you need to transform a company?

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The Honeybee Effect

Posted by Mike Walsh

4/7/17 3:00 AM



Like the paperless office, we once imagined that technology would render travel redundant. If anything, the opposite seems true. We travel more than ever - although, perhaps because of technology, its nature and purpose is changing. Like honey bees, nomadic leaders are essential for the survival and pollination of a global, business ecosystem.

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Life insurance, disrupted

Posted by Mike Walsh

3/30/17 5:56 PM


The old adage goes that life insurance is sold, not bought. The digital revolution has not only flipped that idea on its head, it now also challenges the way insurance products are designed and priced. The real action is yet to come. Insurance companies have always been data-driven, but in a new era of consumer genomics, that is no longer an easy path to tread.

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CATEGORY: Innovation

The algorithmic office of the future

Posted by Mike Walsh

3/24/17 4:57 PM



There was a time when the coolest office you could hope for was no office at all. Remote work was all the rage. Why commute when you could stay at home? Well, one good reason, turned out to be collaboration. Even tech companies discovered that the right kind of work environment helped build old-fashioned analogue connections between people. And, even more ironically, that the best way to do just that, was to use algorithms.

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