The Untact Revolution

Posted by Mike Walsh ON 6/16/20 7:56 AM


If you have been wondering what the post-pandemic world might be like, an excellent place to start is South Korea. Years before the coronavirus, they embraced a concept known as 'Untact', a vision for a highly automated society that required little or no human contact. Not only does that idea now seem prescient in a world still struggling to re-open, it is a glimpse into just how different our society may become when our apps, algorithms, and automatons combine to create operating systems for daily life.

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Your CMO needs an upgrade

Posted by Mike Walsh ON 9/20/16 11:55 AM



Being a CMO will be one of the most interesting, but also one of the toughest jobs in the 21st century. Consider the context: consumer behaviour is changing faster than the planning cycle of marketing campaigns, marketing technology is becoming the most complex part of the enterprise stack while the rise of agile, ruthless competitors from new markets means that brands have to achieve global scale to avoid imitation and replication.

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Brand rituals

Posted by Mike Walsh ON 9/20/16 11:42 AM



I followed a man the other day. He was unremarkable, except for one detail: he was listening to a pristine, vintage CD Walkman. I recognized the model, of course. It was a final generation Sony Discman — as thin as a CD itself, with a matte metallic exterior and polished chrome trim, fiber optic output and a twist action, cylindrical headphone remote with an illuminated LCD display. In other words, everything I could have possibly wanted in a music device — in 2003.

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The secret menus that run the world

Posted by Mike Walsh ON 9/20/16 11:37 AM



Spend enough time in LA, and you start to feel like you are living in a time loop. Burger joints, juice bars, coffee shops — it’s one long parade of endless franchise repetition. But after I complained one too many times, I was pulled aside and informed in a hushed tones that I had it all wrong. ‘You just need to know about the secret menus’, explained a friend of mine. And she was right. I did need to know. Because even the most banal of brands, it turns out, have back doors.

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Emoji only

Posted by Mike Walsh ON 9/20/16 11:23 AM



You can only imagine what future anthropologists will make of the strange hieroglyphs that pepper our daily communications. Adults and teenagers alike have substituted words for icons of dancing women, smiley faces and ninjas. So is emoji just a fad, or a dress rehearsal for an even more profound evolution in human interaction?

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