Beware the Algorithmic Inequality Trap

Posted by Mike Walsh ON 10/26/20 2:12 AM

LinkedIN - AI Inequality


The risks of algorithmic discrimination and bias have received much attention and scrutiny, and rightly so. Yet there is another more insidious side-effect of our increasingly AI-powered society — the systematic inequality created by the changing nature of work itself. We fear a future where robots take our jobs, but what happens when a significant portion of the workforce ends up in algorithmically managed jobs with little future and few possibilities for advancement?

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Here Be Dragons: the future of maps in the AI age

Posted by Mike Walsh ON 9/30/20 5:54 AM

Design XR


Maps have always been more than just guides to where things are. They are a mirror to ourselves: our values, perspectives, and ambitions. As we change, so do they. In this new world of smart cities, self-driving cars, and autonomous drones - maps are becoming living ecosystems shaped by machine intelligence and realtime data. And as we prepare for the imminent arrival of augmented reality devices and experiences, they will become more important than ever.

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AI should change what you do, not just how you do it

Posted by Mike Walsh ON 9/22/20 4:09 AM



Everyone these days seems to have a plan for AI. Or at least, they plan to mention it as often as possible in press releases and briefings to analysts. Paying lip service to AI is a dangerous distraction and a missed opportunity. A few may be fooled for a while - but unless you do the hard work now to reimagine what you do, you are likely to be left behind as we shift into a new era of AI-powered competition.

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Remote work doesn’t work, if you don’t rethink meetings

Posted by Mike Walsh ON 8/30/20 6:49 AM



Now that we are in the midst of the world's largest remote work experiment, it's worth asking: what does it take to run a good virtual meeting? It is all too easy to just focus on what can be controlled and configured: security, bandwidth, platforms or devices. However, when it comes to successfully managing a distributed workforce, even more important than meeting connectivity, is having the right meeting culture.

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Why big companies struggle to reinvent themselves

Posted by Mike Walsh ON 8/24/20 5:42 AM



Spoiler alert. It is not about their size. One of the most dangerous traps for corporations is to consume the idea of disruption, without internalizing it. They redesign their offices and add more open-plan spaces; they upgrade their technology and give their employees new collaboration tools; they sponsor a startup accelerator and create an innovation division in a separate office. Fast forward a few years, and nothing has changed. Why?

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